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Hi there! I’m Thérèse Cator the Chief Social Media Happiness Officer here at Cator Social Media. :)

Welcome, I’m glad we found one another!

I love helping entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, artists and small business owners build 100% authentic online empires around their passion. My goal is to help you take what you do global.

And guess what?

To create the life and business you truly want and deserve, the only person’s permission you need is your own. And yes, you can tweet that!

Whether you own a small Etsy shop or dream of starring in action movies the same principle applies to you. I know you may need some coaching, cheerleading, and ninja marketing advice along the way so, that’s where I come in.

With swift social media power moves, sound yet out-the-box marketing strategies, and a passion and understanding of personal development I have a fresh perspective on building a business.

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Before we go further, there are five things you should know about me:

  1. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. I love flexing my creative muscles.
  3. I love flexing my intuitive muscles even more.
  4. l absolutely adore teaching.
  5. I keep it REAL. (that’s how we native New Yorkers do) 😉

Now that’s out of the way, you should also know that for this Brooklyn-bred girl, finding my way wasn’t always easy.

I didn’t grow up with a trust fund. Actually, my family lost it all, and after a series of events including our house burning down, we hit rock bottom.

My mom knew then it was time for a change, so she moved she packed one suitcase and headed to the U.S. with my sister and I plane-silhouette. And we started from nothing! Fortunately, she taught us that we could create anything we wanted, and I really took that to heart, more than she probably realized.

Even as a child, I would run to my mom with all these “crazy” business ideas, and I would bribe my sister and cousins to attend my lectures. One of those ideas was making scented nail polish with funky colors. Mind you, this was W-A-Y before anyone thought that was cool. I also told my mom that we should invest in Google and if I were older I’d move to the West coast to work for them. This was before anyone heard of Google. I remember telling my friends in school to check out their search engine. Can you imagine having a child who says this? I’d always have some out there idea and well, my mom didn’t really know what to do with me so she told me to focus on school.

Although I was a little bummed that no got me, I did listen.

Fast forward some years and I earned a scholarship to NYU.

It was there that I fully immersed myself in the business world.

I took classes in everything ranging from statistics to economics to fine art.

All the while, I earned my stripes working at internet start-ups, cutting my teeth into market analysis and everything in between. When I graduated, I landed a corporate job (of course). I had the opportunity to work for and with some of the Founders of the top companies in the world.

I got to see first hand how billion dollar companies were built and run. It was an eye-opening experience for an around the way girl from Brooklyn.

I then decided to go to grad school and get an MFA. This experience was pivitol, and reflects so much in my work now, because it was there I learned to connect my brain with my body and spirit and trust my instincts. It’s also where I freed my voice (that’s another story) and I went deeper into personal development.

When I graduated, I headed west made a movie camera-silhouette, and taught students ranging from K-12 in some of the toughest neighborhoods in LA. I taught everything from math to science to English to Theater. This was one of the most heart opening experiences I’ve ever had. To outsiders these kids were gangbangers, felons and not worthy, but to me they were my kids, and in each of them I saw infinite potential and I’m so grateful that I got to touch the ones I did. I will never forget my students coming to me and saying because of you I can write an essay, and I feel confident about going to college. Unfortunately, LA school district made massive budget cuts and it was also around the same time I knew it was time to move on. What I found was an amazing opportunity. I landed a great position helping one of the top personal development and business coaches. My job was running her business, selling, and create online programs. I loved that I got to combine marketing, creativity, and teaching.

A few years later, when she decided to close her business (a brave decision that I fully supported) and focus on her charitable organization, that’s when everything started to fall apart. I was completely lost. And let me tell you LA is an expensive town. Not to mention the economic crisis hit. I could hear the words, “Welcome to rock bottom!” loud and clear.

I knew it was time FINALLY to strike out on my own, but what should I do?

That’s when it all clicked, I realized for all these years I was everyone’s marketing go-to girl and brain picker. Everyone tapped me for innovative ideas and my intuition and when implemented these tactics they worked. I had this reputation and everyone from friends, to colleagues came to me to bounce off their business ideas, help raise money and fill seats at events, you name it. It was a skill I had that I gave away to so many people freely. Also, everyone started asking me about social media.

Then I had a novel thought, well maybe I can make a living doing this?

I mean I didn’t have anything to lose and I’ve already been doing this all along anyway. I started using my marketing skills to help big companies use this new social media thing to market to their customers. Although I had fun doing this, and a big marketing budget I kept thinking about how small businesses and artists could totally use these ideas too without breaking the bank.

Then I did something radical, I bid adieu to all my corporate clients and focused on bringing over a decade worth of knowledge from the corporate world to solopreneurs, artists and small business owners. And the rest as you can say is history!

Now, I get to work with cool folks from all walks of life (life coaches, photographers, app makers, actors, musicians, doctors, web designers- you name it) and fortunately for me they have some pretty nice things to say about me.

I realized that all of my life experiences have created this amazing collage that allows me to easily step into the shoes of the awesome folks I work with.

I can relate to being a dead end job, to being an artist, to building a business from scratch.

I can relate to not really having someone understand and thinking oh your ideas are pie-in-the-sky.

I can proudly say that I’ve been there and made it to the other side.

This doesn’t mean I’m not constantly learning. In fact, it’s the opposite. Everyday, I’m experimenting with new ideas and concepts.

Right now, my life is pretty sweet! I just got married to my soulmate and split our time between New York and Los Angeles. We eventually want to get a puppy.

I’d love to get to know about you.

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