Become a Writing and Organizational Genius for Your Website or Blog

by Thérèse Cator

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So what if you flunked high school writing and have no organizational skills at all? Don’t let that stop you from making your website or blog into something AMAZING!

After all, your readers will keep coming back for your personality and special sauce anyway.

If you’re looking for some organizational and writing tips for a website or blog, keep reading!

Get Organized

Organization can be torturous to some, but it’s really only that way when you’re starting out.

  • Create some sort of system. This might mean folders on your computer for different blog posts or something else. Find out what works for you!
  • Decide what kind of content you’re going to create. Ask yourself: “what kind of content would be interesting to my readers?” This is really going to be the aim of your site or blog!

Once you have it spelled out, literally spell it out and post it where you can’t avoid seeing it. No way you’ll forget it then.

  • Set an “official” schedule for writing, researching or posting. By having something regularly scheduled, you’ll find it’ll be easier for you to fit it in.

Where do you write best? When do you write best? Work with your natural writing flow, not against it. If you write best at 6 am while the house is quiet, great! If you’d rather be at your computer at 7 pm with a cup of coffee by your side – go at it!

Either way, schedule that time out from your busy day so that you use that time everyday for writing or researching for future posts.

  • Create categories for your topics. First, this will make it sooooo much easier for your readers to find your content because they can click on the category in your sidebar.

Second, this will make it sooooo much easier for you when you’re searching through your archives later. Even if you don’t know all the future categories you’ll need, put down the ones you can think of and add more later. Look to the right sidebar of the ThereseSquared blog for a great example. Your life will be easier later because of this, I promise!

Write Like A Pro

Writing for the Internet is not like writing an email or an essay. Keep your words short and to-the-point! Use bullet points, lists and subtitles (like the ones I’ve got in this blog post!) to break up heavy text.

If people wanted to read a book, they’d read a book (or an e-book). And they don’t come to your site to read textbooks either. Make sure your site or blog does not look like a book! Talk to your readers like they’re your BFFs.

Use pictures to emphasize your words. A picture can set up the topic and help people realize that they really do want to read your wonderful, wise words.

Here are some other tips:

  1. Always be on the lookout for great content. You never know when inspiration will hit you!
  1. Write your About section. I hope this is done already. If not, get to it! Make it fun and interesting!
  1. Posts don’t always have to be your writing. Shake it up! Use pictures, wrap-ups of interesting articles, videos and guest posts to break up the routine.
  1. Send posts out when people are most likely to read them.
  2. Do your research. It’s okay to write about a topic you don’t know about, but own up to the fact that it’s a new topic to you. Do your research about the topic before writing about it and absolutely no BS. If you don’t know something for sure, say so!

Promote it

Once you’ve got a website or blog up and running, tell everyone and their brother about it! Don’t let it go un-noticed!

Send your site’s link to friends, family, business colleagues, your mailman, whoever. And post it on Facebook and Twitter!

Every time you post something on your site, make sure to tell people about it. Otherwise, how will people know it’s there?

Now if you’re looking for info about actually starting a website or blog, this post won’t help you there. Head over to our WordPress Website Solution program for that! It’ll help you get your website out from the “under construction” curse.

Follow these tips and you’ll have a rockin’ website or blog on your hands in no time!

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