How To Build A Raving Fanbase

by Thérèse Cator

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Gone are the days where only celebrities and starlets can build a raving fanbase.

In today’s time everyone (including YOU) has the ability to build a fanbase that will hungrily await your content, products and services.

Everyone knows the power of a raving fanbase but how do you actually go about building it?

That is the question.

Well it is completely possible.  It is all about the way you position yourself and how what you choose to focus on.

Here are some ideas to get you on your way.

Make the focus on people

People are the heart of it.  If you continually focus on your fans, what they need, and connect with them in a genuine way you will strengthen the bond between you.  Acknowledging people for being a part of your community goes a long way.

Share your story

How are you relaying your story to your fans?  Are you boring them to tears?  Or are you taking them through the peaks and valleys you’ve experienced?  The goal is to share how you are similar to them and relate to their situation.  You can do this through your blog posts and other content you create.  Find ways to incorporate the element of story in everything you create.

Use imagery

Coming from a filmmaking background I know the power of images.  Whether it is through a static picture or moving image, how do you use imagery to relay your message.  People connect more deeply to you when visual elements are added to all of your marketing materials.

Be specific in your targeting

Specificity rules!  If you’re trying to reach everyone your message is likely to fall flat.  Try to write/speak/create directly to only one fan.  The old adage “You can’t be everything to everyone.” really is true.  However, we sometimes try to do it anyway.  Focus on your strengths and be okay with only speaking to the people who belong to that audience.

Answer this:

What have you done to build a raving fanbase?  Share you tips and techniques in the comments!

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