“Need social media help?! Check out Thérèse! Seriously, this chick knows her stuff, and she’s groovy to boot!”

Charleene Closshey

“Suddenly tweets are a breeze. Thank you, awesome lady!”

Mary Thoma

“Got all kinds of great ideas for my website from you: opt ins, links, givebacks….Oh my! Can’t wait to start!”

Tzena Nicole

“You did not mess around!”

“I thought almost all of your suggestions were right on. I’m going to have our tech guy start implementing stuff. Really, everything you said made absolute sense. If I’m not citing specific recommendations that you made, Thérèse, it’s only because I was nodding my head at just about EVERY one. I was going, “Yeah … yeah, Therese is right … she’s right, we have to change that … yeah, that would be much better!” On and on. I also love the form that you sent the material to me. Very effective and professional, easy to follow; just watch the cursor click around. Again, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time and really getting down to the nitty gritty on this stuff. You did not mess around!”

Steven Pressfield | Best Selling Author

“The gift of ‘Thérèse’s program’ is amazing.”

From my client, to me, to you:
“Thank you Nisha. The gift of ‘Thérèse’s program’ is amazing. I am learning to trust in me and become my true best friend. I am also learning that for it to be true, I have to do what I am most comfortable with and makes me at peace with everything; even something as simple as a website.”

Nisha Moodley | Founder Fierce, Fabulous and Free

“WHOA! I’ve gotten 50 new sign-ups to my mailing list!”

Anna Van Valin

“Thérèse is an amazing social network guru, actress and networker. You will learn lots of Twitter and Facebook connecting tools from her!”

Mari Mori

“I love how everything is so clear and organized. It jives with how my mind works! ^_~”

Demetrius Keone Thomas

“Easy-going & to-the-point.”

“Thérèse has an easy-going, but also to-the-point, style, which made it a pleasure and an education listening to her suggestions. Her advice on how to handle the “Who is posting?” issue (the client or someone from his team) was a huge help. That was the piece I was struggling with the most regarding Twitter. The Facebook information was of great help, too, as Facebook is frustrating and always changing things up.”

Callie Oettinger

“I loved everything about the program!”

“Thérèse is a social media and techie expert who is able to take complicated tasks and explain them clearly, plainly, and easily. I loved everything about the program and the way it was set up. Breaking the lessons up into easy to comprehend bite sizes was very key. I never felt overwhelmed by the information. The videos are presented in such an easy to comprehend format that the time flew by. When I was done I couldn’t believe I was able to learn this valuable info in such a short span of time. Also, she’s a great person!”

Enid Marie Reynolds | Writer

“I LOVE how you make things feel so simple!! #SocialMediaGURU”

Leda Lum

“Thanks for the advice! I’m just starting to realize how important blogging is. :)”

Victoria Negri

“OMG. Just listened to one of your Twitter modules – brilliance! Thank you. #sharingthelove”

Michelle Glick

“Above and Beyond My Expectations”

“The webinars were easy to understand! Beyond Thérèse’s incredible knowledge of Social Media…she’s was a joy to work with, fun to connect with, and has a very clear understanding of teaching in a way that encourages fresh ideas while pointing out areas for improvement. Finally, the program was above and beyond my expectations in both the quality of the content and the value I’ve gained by working with Thérèse in a very one-on-one approach.”

Jessica Newell | Founder J Newell Media

“Amazingly fun!”

“Thérèse’s talent for teaching on Social Media methods is amazingly fun to listen to and follow. Even though I am miles away from Thérèse age wise, I was thrilled by her approach and way of explaining that I felt comfortable with. She reaches out to persons of all generations in a natural, loving way.”

Delmy Vialpando | Certified Life Coach

“Really enjoying the ‘training’ videos, just finished Facebook and getting to the Twitter ones. =)”

David Carreno

“I really admire your internet savvy, Thérèse!! I don’t know how you do it!”

Carol Bailey

“I LOVED ‘the program’; both times through the videos were great.”

Elise Baughman

“I saved thousands of dollars!”

“I love that everything in the program was on video. It was easy to follow and you were always prompt and responsive to my questions as well as supportive every step of the way. I learn best by seeing and doing, so was appreciative of that. Money wise I saved thousands literally. Thank you so much!”

Stacy De La Rosa | Photographer and Jewelry Designer

“Thérèse, you are the bomb!!!”

“Seriously, I sing your praises to my friends ALL the time! You are the REAL DEAL!…My Facebook page went from 14 likes to nearly 400 likes! Thérèse you are the bomb!!!”

Carla Renata | Actress on Broadway, Network & Cable TV

“Thanks Thérèse Cator you are so on top of things; a great example & inspiration!”

Anita Argent

“Oh my goodness did I just go through a Facebook Fan page MAKEOVER! But more importantly I stopped up at least 5 fan “leaks” on my website, resume, bio, headshot and email signature!”

Amanda Pulcini

“God, you’re such a good teacher!!!”

Bret Shuford

“Your Social X-Factor is Genius!”

“I now understand why Dallas Travers your Social X-factor is genius… because it is! I just saw the video, and I thought, “gaawwwd, why didn’t I think of that?!” seriously, Thank you for sharing this!”

Geraldine Uy | Actress


“Working with Thérèse has been a WONDERFUL, EYE-OPENING EXPERIENCE! After our FIRST SESSION, I hung up the phone full of new ideas that would help take my business to the next level. Her creativity and ability to get me to think outside the box was uncanny. If you’re looking to take your business potential to the next level, speaking to Thérèse is a must!”

Lisa Fabrega | Writer, Coach & Courage Curator

“Loved the training! Thanks for all the useful info on building my empire!”

Lauren Hunter

“Just got to the Twitter videos, and Social X-Factor. Ms. Cator–you really are a genius. THANK YOU so much!”

Chris Campbell

“You are the BEST! Thanks for your input about social media! What a life saver!!”

Jaye Restivo

“You’re such a special person!”

“Thank you for all your training and help during this course. YOU’RE RIGHT!!! I’VE NEVER MET YOU BUT YOUR WARMTH AND AWESOME PERSONALITY OVER SOCIAL MEDIA makes me feel like I know you :) You’re such a special person. xoxo”

Daniella Rabbani Sirkin

“BIG thank you!”

“This is so overdue so I apologize, but I want to give you a BIG thank you for your savvy ways with Social Media. Connecting on Twitter is like receiving surprise gifts everyday!”

Talia Toms