“Sales For My Workshops Have Gone Up By More Than 25%” Interview With Award-Winning Filmmaker Ela Thier

by Thérèse Cator

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Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.22.23 PM.pngWhat would it feel like to bring in an extra 25% or more of income into your business?

Pretty darn good right?!

If you’re picturing yourself on the beach right now with a little umbrella in your yummy drink, stay with me for a moment.

Let me introduce you to one of my clients Ela Thier, an award-winning filmmaker with dozens of film projects under her belt. She’s also the founder of The Independent Film School which hosts workshops for indie filmmakers.

Did I mention that she’s in the midst of shooting a feature this Spring? So that means, she’s one busy lady!

Since working with me, Ela has implemented the online and social media strategies I suggested and got some pretty major results i.e. increasing her sales by OVER 25% and her FANBASE.

But it’s not all about the money…

I’m super excited for you to meet Ela because she’s an artist who’s passionate about making films that impact the world in a positive way. Her business not only supports her passion for filmmaking but also supports other artists aspiring to tell stories with meaning.

So if you’ve ever wondered what’s possible when it comes to marketing what you do online this is a MUST watch interview. Ela is a gem and her wisdom on approach to marketing is refreshing.

So grab your favorite cocktail or latte and soak in some juicy marketing tips.

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“Marketing is not dirty…As artists we need to figure out how to proudly show our work…It’s a service.” ~@ElaThier via @ThereseCator (click here to Tweet it out!)

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What was your favorite golden nugget from today’s video? Ela and I want to hear from you so leave a comment below.

To connect with Ela and find out more about the fabulous work she’s doing check out:

The Independent Film School

Ela’s Facebook

Ela’s Blog

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PPS: Besides our 1:1 work, Ela is also a proud member of Social Media Game Changer (as mentioned in the interview). Check it out!

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