Opening This Thursday June 16th : Social Zen Squared

by Thérèse Cator

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There are lots of changes going on at ThereseSquared and I’m very excited about this new chapter!

I have kept the details about this new project under wraps until now.  The project that I have been working on for the past few months is called Social Zen Squared! It will serve as a program hub where entrepreneurs come to build their brand with Zen.  The various tools you will find there will focus on building the inner and the outer.  Think of it as zen along with practical and actionable solutions.

I want to share with the foundation of Social Zen Squared, the special free gift I have for you, and your chance to get on the early bird notification list!

The Foundation of Social Zen Squared

Anyone who knows me knows I am a firm believer in social entrepreneurship.  It’s not a belief I acquired but really the foundation of who I am.  I grew up in a house where my mom would take my sister, cousins and I to volunteer on the weekends.  Even though we didn’t have much we were taught to be grateful for everything we had and that there is always something that we can all give.  These experiences shaped who I am today.  That is why I am donating a percentage of all profits to go to charities that focus on the arts and education, a passion of mine.  It’s all for the nurturing of the next generation of entrepreneurs, artists and innovators also knows as our children.

Great Things Start Small

Isn’t that the truth!  The first introductory Social Zen Squared program is geared towards people who need to get the ball rolling and build their very own website.  A website is the first step in establishing a firm online presence.  So if you feel insecure about telling people to go to your site or you’re constantly telling folks your site is under construction then you will want to get on board with this online training course.  I created this program especially for people who are not techy and who want to revamp their website or don’t have one at all.  And it’s all on WordPress!

A Special Gift For You

I didn’t want this to be just another site so I created a gift for you that will help you on your entrepreneurship journey.  It’s a 3 part video training series that’s all about helping you create a solid inner and outer foundation for your business.  It’s chock full of goodies but the best part is that brings Zen + Actions into complete harmony!

Be an early bird

Finally, if you want to be the first to get your zen on then get Early Bird Notification List!  You will be the very founding members of the Social Zen Squared family.  And just so you know I am working on something special for people who are early birds.  Enter your first name and email below to get on the list.

Please be sure to share this email to your friends on Twitter and Facebook!  Thank you so much for your support & I can’t wait to connect with you on Thursday!

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